Internet of Things

Our platform’s wide range of cloud infrastructure and software services act as the foundation for your application.

Internet of Things

A data revolution is upon us. One in which there will soon be more things connected to the Internet than people. These phones, appliances, cars, machines and other objects will all be exchanging information with one another. For those working with the Internet of Things (IoT), the CenturyLink Cloud Platform is the perfect place to build your application.

CenturyLink's global network provides superior performance for your IoT sensors and cloud applications. Our optional managed services handle operating system and application operations, allowing you to focus on your more important objectives. All of this is wrapped together in an easy-to-use platform with a pay as you grow billing model.

One Platform for All Your Needs

Public Cloud Servers

The CenturyLink Cloud Compute service allows you to run your code without worrying about maintaining your own data centres. Our fully customisable CPU, memory and storage sizes allow you to run all of your IoT gateways, applications and databases without overspending on capacity you don't need. Our auto-scaling and load balancing features provide you with a highly available framework and an easy way to scale your system as your demand increases. Focus on building your applications and let us run the infrastructure.

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Managed Services

If you want to focus on managing your business and writing code, our Managed Services may be for you. Our optional, add-on managed services handle the installation, configuration, patching and management of your operating systems and applications, like web, database and big data services. With a simple check of a box or an API call, your cloud server maintenance is handled by us. No contract or commit required. Simply pay by the hour.

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Data Analytics

As the Internet Of Things (IoT) becomes more and more common in consumers' daily lives, security and reliability, and the value derived from a mass of sensor data, will be a distinguishing criteria. IoT vendors will need to ensure they use partners with established platforms that can support highly available (HA) infrastructure and secure data stores for the collection and processing of large amounts of sensor data that changes frequently.

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Object Storage

For many IoT services, there is a need to store and retrieve files or blob data structures. Depending on your IoT sensor type, there may be a need to store videos, audio recordings, images, logs, reports, backups and large sets of telemetry data. Your IoT applications might need to store reports, backups or results from analytics. Our Object Storage service provides your IoT sensors and applications an easy, scalable and programmatic mechanism to store and retrieve files and blob data structures.

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