CenturyLink Private Node

Our public cloud, offered as a dedicated node inside a CenturyLink data centre, available in over 60 locations in nine countries.

United Management of Private & Public Cloud

CenturyLink Private Node - Private Cloud Overview

Some applications in your IT portfolio may not be a good fit to move to the public cloud. If you've considered various private cloud solutions, or have tried to build your own, you know there are often significant drawbacks to these alternatives, especially when you compare them to full-featured public clouds.

That's why we built CenturyLink Private Node (CPN). It delivers the best of public cloud, with the most important elements of a private cloud: dedicated compute, storage and network. All with the same robust Self-Service Control Portal, as well as the powerful APIs, automation and orchestration capabilities of our Public Cloud.

No Compromising

You no longer have to choose. Take advantage of a private cloud solution that enables your business needs to get things done fast, with the governance and oversight you need to stay in control. CenturyLink Private Node runs on the same platform as our Public Cloud, so you have access to all of our management, automation, and orchestration capabilities.

Everything You Need from a Private Cloud

  • Dedicated hardware and physical isolation
  • Maximum control over user permissions, access levels
  • Easy oversight and day-to-day management of deployed apps
  • Self-service access
  • Chargebacks, governance and detailed internal usage tracking
  • Easily integrated into robust Hybrid IT solutions

Everything You Love About Public Cloud

  • Infrastructure management, 24x7 by network engineers
  • Hosted in world-class CenturyLink facilities
  • Elastic compute, storage, and network
  • Regular access to new features and innovation
  • OpEx Model Consumption
  • Best-in-class Service Level Agreements
CenturyLink Private Node

Massive Capacity on Dedicated Hardware

High-powered cloud infrastructure, ready to power your most important apps and securely store your most sensitive data. Expand to include Hyperscale instances or a custom configuration of compute, storage, and network.


Give internal teams unique, dev/test sandbox accounts, and easily monitor usage and activity. Extensive self-service features and a complete API.

Centralised IT Management

Broad control for enterprise administrators. Built-in governance, orchestration, and automation to make cloud easy. Comprehensive roles and permissions models to segment access to granular levels. Includes support for chargebacks via detailed invoicing and account hierarchies.

Physically Isolated, Yet Integrated

CenturyLink Private Node is physically isolated, but remains connected in key ways: it can be federated with our public cloud to boost usability, and support your desired (hybrid) cloud mix, leveraging CenturyLink’s Cloud Network Services or Direct Connect. It receives new features and enhancements on the same cadence as our public cloud.


Geographic Flexibility

Deploy at over 60 CenturyLink locations, in nine countries.

Elastic Cloud Services

Complete product catalogue, available on-demand, just like our public cloud.

Control Portal UX

Create and manage environments with our powerful management, automation and orchestration platform.

Physical Isolation

Fully isolated compute, storage, and network on hardware that’s dedicated to you.

Enterprise SLAs

Our NOC keeps your Private Node running, 24x7, and delivers against one of the most rigorous SLAs in the industry.

Managed Services On-Demand

Opt-in for managed services, and let our team manage your most critical operating systems and applications. Available in select locations.

Compliant & Audited

Our platform is SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2 certified, and we’ve helped customers comply with industry regulations like HIPAA.

Enterprise-Level Security

Your data is protected by our “defense in depth” security model—satisfying rigorous enterprise security standards without costly add-ons.


CenturyLink Private Node (CPN) CenturyLink Public Cloud (CLC)
Locations CenturyLink Data Centres Worldwide 15+ Locations Worldwide
Architecture Single-tenant Multi-tenant
Physical Isolation Yes, for Compute, Storage, Network No
Extensive Self-Service Capabilities Yes Yes
Servers Yes Yes
Hyperscale Optional Optional
Block Storage & Optional Simple Backup Service Yes Yes
Object Storage Yes Canada & US
Self-Service Network (VPN, Firewall, Load Balancers) Yes Yes
Billing Model Minimum build of 16 physical servers.
Increase by quarter-rack increments up to
a full rack of 64 physical servers.
Multi-year commitment required.
Resource Consumed
Control Portal (Account Management, Blueprints, Groups, Monitoring, Scheduling) Yes Yes
APIs Yes Yes
Infrastructure Management CenturyLink Cloud NOC CenturyLink Cloud NOC
Regular Platform Updates & Hotfixes Yes.
All updates applied to CLC are
automatically available on CPN.

Use Cases

Easily migrate from on-premises infrastructure to CenturyLink Private Node

Migration from On-Premises Virtualization

Businesses looking to migrate from on-premises infrastructure often consider private clouds. Why? To deliver more self-service capabilities to employees, while retaining the benefits of dedicated infrastructure. CenturyLink Private Node is an ideal option.

Control Shadow IT with CenturyLink Private Node ITaaS

Overcoming "Shadow IT" with IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

Many organisations are wrestling with 'shadow IT' - the use of unauthorised applications. Employees want to be good corporate citizens, and if IT delivers a good solution, users will follow. That's where CenturyLink's family of cloud products can help.

Financial Services Applciations are ideal for CenturyLink Private Node

Financial Services Applications

Dedicated infrastructure has always been a must-have for financial services organisations. Lightning-fast performance and control over where data is stored are two key reasons. Whether it's for insurance, capital markets, commercial banking, CPN delivers.

CenturyLink Private Node delivers best of both public and private cloud solutions

Hybrid Private-Public Deployments

Some business needs demand applications that can span both public and private nodes, with the ability to easily manage the environment from within a unified Control Portal. CenturyLink Private Node offers these capabilities, enabling IT organisations to remain agile and responsive.

Healthcare and HIPAA are a good fit for CenturyLink Private Node


Applications that host patient information, images, or data from clinical trials need to comply with HIPAA and other regulations. Our public cloud can help, but sometimes a hybrid solution is required. That's where our broad portfolio of cloud products, including CPN, comes in.

CenturyLink Private Node for Community Cloud solutions

Community Cloud

What's a community cloud? It's infrastructure shared by multiple organisations with common requirements. CenturyLink Private Node works well for this scenario - offering the best of both Public Cloud and Private Cloud functionality.

Complete application lifecycle management can be delivered on CenturyLink Private Node

Application Lifecycle Management

Developers need self-service tools, automation, and scalability to build great applications - even if those workloads interact with your most sensitive data. CenturyLink Private Node enables management of the entire application lifecycle, all in a dedicated environment.

CenturyLink Private Node enables a seamless shift from capex to opex for IT expenditures

Shifting from CapEx to OpEx

Businesses are always looking to shift from capital expenses to operational expenses. CenturyLink Private Node is dedicated IaaS - or infrastructure as a service, offering enterprises the benefits of an OpEx consumption model.


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