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Deploy a secure, private network to enable Hybrid IT solutions.

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Secure, High-Speed Private Network

Network Exchange provides a secure, high-speed, redundant, private network, with usage-based billing. It is the preferred alternative to using the Internet or IPSec to connect CenturyLink Cloud to other environments. Network Exchange includes ease of setup and management of virtual circuits via the Control Portal, coupled with CenturyLink Cloud automation, and pre-deployed network infrastructure.

Network Exchange provides secure, private networks for hybrid IT.

Security and Reliability

Pre-deployed network infrastructure provides higher levels of security and reliability between your hybrid solutions compared to public Internet. Network Exchange establishes routing environments specific to each customer - no global routing tables are used.

In just a few clicks, Network Exchange delivers secure, reliable, high-throughput connections for your cloud applications.

Fast, High-Throughput Connections

Transfer large data sets, perform backups, and store your data in other environments easily. Whether for continuous or periodic calls and data transfers, bursting, or regular backups, Network Exchange is designed to handle heavy workloads.

Use Network Exchange to seamlessly connect CenturyLink Cloud and Dedicated Cloud Compute.

Integrate Hybrid Environments

The high speed and reliability of Network Exchange allows you to create hybrid solutions across multiple platforms — such as CenturyLink Cloud, colocated servers, Managed Services and Dedicated Cloud Compute — to transfer data and run your applications between environments seamlessly.

Network Exchange Features

Self-Service and Automated
  • CenturyLink customers can easily provision, modify and delete instances of Network Exchange.
  • Customers can self-test instances of Network Exchange without opening a service ticket.
  • Customers can monitor usage by endpoint from within Network Exchange.
  • Network Exchange is 100% automated with Add, Change and Delete actions completed in minutes.
An End-to-End Solution
  • Many hybrid connectivity options literally leave you at the doorstep of the cloud. Network Exchange provides one step connectivity to the cloud.
  • Network Exchange and its underlying network, equipment and systems are 100% CenturyLink owned and operated.
Secure, Advanced Technology
  • Each instance of Network Exchange is logically isolated from other instances, not only among customers but between multiple instances for a given customer.
  • Built on nano-second technology that scales to 100Gb/s and beyond, leveraging CenturyLink's extensive global fibre optic network.
  • All virtual circuits within Network Exchange are built and deleted via a software front-end using RESTful based API communication.
Pay As You Go
  • Usage and billing is calculated based on the egress traffic that has passed through the Network Exchange switches in a month.
  • Traffic passing through CenturyLink Service endpoints is free of charge.

Use Cases

Network Exchange is a flexible Hybrid IT tool
Scalability & Elasticity

The ideal Hybrid IT strategy allows cloud computing to provide the flexibility, versatility, and elasticity to scale infrastructure on-demand. Applications with dynamic workloads require flexible infrastructures to ensure optimal performance and minimise costs. Network Exchange provides a high-speed, reliable solution for creating hybrid solutions across platforms like CenturyLink Cloud and Dedicated Cloud Compute to transfer data and run applications between environments seamlessly.

Easily Connect Hybrid Applications with Network Exchange from CenturyLink

Transferring large amounts of data between environments quickly and securely makes Network Exchange an ideal solution for customers seeking a Hybrid IT strategy. By placing applications closer to the end users, customers can avoid high costs associated with bandwidth, security risks, and data corruption. Customers also have the power to determine the appropriate security protocols at non-CLC endpoints, which is essential in the global marketplace.

Network Exchange is ideal for specialized IT workloads
Specialized Workloads

Developing an effective Hybrid IT strategy starts with understanding your workloads and identifying which ones are specialized. Rapidly evolving technologies such as analytics and specialized technology such as virtual block storage are impractical to implement in private compute environments. Although workloads are generally considered platform-agnostic, not all perform optimally in every environment. In fact, some don't perform at all in specific environments. Network Exchange enables implementation of hybrid solutions across platforms at CenturyLink.

Network Exchange is designed for Hybrid IT workloads.
Standardised Workloads & Commoditized IT

Network Exchange is designed for most common Hybrid IT workloads. Because of this, running applications that are reliant on data or services across different environments or the file transfer of large or small amounts of data makes Network Exchange an ideal solution. In an effort to standardise workloads, having the capability to reliably access data/resources in another environment and execute replication and backups makes Network Exchange a key element for any business continuity or disaster recovery strategy.

Network Exchange is a flexible Hybrid IT tool
Risk Diversification, Reliability and Compliance

Network Exchange provides a secure, high-speed, redundant, private network and is the preferred alternative for customers that need to connect their CenturyLink Cloud environments to other (non-CLC) environments. It's ideal for hybrid environments and applications as well as for storage and backups, and uses virtual routing to create routing environments specific to each customer, so no global routing tables are utilised.

Network Exchange an ideal solution for experimental development and workloads
Experimental Development & Workloads

Network Exchange is available to customers who already have or plan to create a CenturyLink Cloud account along with a valid endpoint to connect to, making it an ideal solution for experimental development and workloads. Customer have the ability to connect their CenturyLink Cloud VMs to their CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC) environment to deploy these workloads seamlessly.

A free trial with up to $500 in usage

  • Up to $500 in usage of self-service products and services.**
  • Access to a wide range of CenturyLink Cloud standard services.
  • High performance, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities that will push your business forward.
** $500 trial credit excludes Cloud Application Manager, Dedicated Cloud Compute, CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation and Managed Disaster Recovery Service. Limit one trial account per customer. Trial credits expire after 90 days. A valid credit card is required to activate your trial account. Refer to our CenturyLink Cloud Agreement , Supplemental Terms and Acceptable Use Policy for other terms and conditions.

*We will send a SMS message to verify your account, standard rates apply.

Network Exchange

Network Exchange egress from Colocation. All other ingress/egress through Network Exchange is no charge.

$0.03 / GB
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