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Microsoft IIS is a great platform for a range of websites — and it gets even better with CenturyLink Cloud and our Managed Microsoft IIS service.

Your site will be fully managed up and down the entire stack - from the application layer, down to the compute, storage, and networking layers. Combine CenturyLink Managed Microsoft IIS with the platform's autoscale features and your web hosting environment can sustain even the most demanding seasonal, planned or unplanned spikes in traffic.

Supported Versions
  • Microsoft IIS 7.5
  • Microsoft IIS 8.0
  • Microsoft IIS 8.5
Supported Services
  • Support for ASP.Net: 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
  • Support for the IIS Web Publishing Services (WWW)
  • Support for the IIS File Transfer Services (FTP)
  • Support for the IIS Message Processing Services (SMTP)
Supported Operating Systems
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2012


Tasks performed on behalf of the customer include:

  • Procure SSL Certificate (if purchased through CenturyLink)
  • Maintain Licencing and Support with Microsoft
  • Prepare Server for Application Service (OS Specific Parameters)
  • Install ASP.Net versions (not native to OS)
  • Install Microsoft IIS (including available sub components)
  • Harden Microsoft IIS to CIS Level 1 and CenturyLink Standards
  • Install SSL Certificates
  • Install CenturyLink Monitoring
  • Perform Quality Assurance against Microsoft IIS Installation/Hardening
  • Configure Site Connectivity (Host Headers, TCP Port, IP Address and SSL Certificate allocation)
  • Configure CenturyLink Monitoring
  • Application Log Monitoring
  • Recycle Application Pool(s)
  • Restart/Stop/Start Services
  • Update managed servers with all recommended security patches, service packs and hot-fixes upon customer request
  • Log Management (Rotation & Removal)
On-Going Maintenance
  • Coordinate patching with Customer during maintenance hours
  • Customer initiated Redundancy & High Availability Test/Audit (Excludes Disaster Recovery testing)
Resource hourly
Managed Microsoft IIS

Per server


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