ElasticKube cloud application management for Kubernetes


Self-service container management for Kubernetes.

Enterprise Container Management for Kubernetes

ElasticKube is an open source Kubernetes management platform that provides a self-service experience for containerized applications on any cloud. It enables organizations to accelerate adoption by developers, application operations and traditional IT operations teams. Benefit from accelerated developer productivity, improved efficiency in container management and increased use of microservices as a modern application delivery methodology.

ElasticKube cloud app management platform infographic

ElasticKube enables user authentication and management

Facilitated Authentication & Administration

Powerful controls for accessibility, user management and permissions of clusters delivers insight and compliance. Improve IT governance when delivering services and managing users, namespaces, templates and resources.

ElasticKube's Template Catalog for resuable resources

Easy Access to Template Catalog

ElasticKube's intuitive portal delivers a self-service catalog of reusable resources and charts that can be stored in GitHub for easy deployment.

Easily define containerized applications with ElasticKube

Improved Collaboration

With ElasticKube, developers and corporate IT can collaborate in designing, deploying and managing containerized services and applications. The intuitive user interface makes it fast and easy.

ElasticKube cloud platform management for real-time access

Visibility and Business Insight

Real-time dashboard provides visibility into containers, applications, resources, user activity and clusters. Rolling updates are simplified as a result of having deep visibility and insights into application stacks.

ElasticKube Features

Self-Service Application Catalog
  • Intuitive portal allows users to access reusable templates and other resources.
  • Components can be deployed based on pre-set IT policies.
  • Infrastructure is provisioned at deployment, simplifying the process of defining and managing applications.
  • Wide range of automation protocols enables flexibility across hybrid cloud environments.
Auth & Admin
  • Powerful access control, user management and permission definitions of infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-grade visibility and auditing capabilities.
  • Administration rules enable compliance with IT governance requirements.
Comprehensive Reporting
  • Intuitve dashboard facilitates real-time visibility into containers, resources, individual applications, user activity and clusters.

Use Cases

Kubernetes management tool for containerized applications
Enterprise Container Management

ElasticKube addresses the management of containers exclusively on top of Kubernetes. This allows customers to easily implement enterprise solutions with containers running in production. Benefit from ElasticKube's key features including auth and administration, visibility into container health and performance, and connectivity to template catalogs from your repositories of choice.

Cloud migration and kubernetes container management
Migrating to the Cloud

ElasticKube allows you to easily make applications cloud-ready by modeling both your legacy and modern cloud containerized applications in a standardized platform that can take advantage of multi-cloud services. This works whether you're deploying applications on-premises within your own datacenter, or on any public or private cloud: CenturyLink Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

“...Includes more user capabilities to further optimize the self-service experience and to narrow the operational gap between IT and development teams... to put more control in the IT department’s hands and to reduce errors along the way to shorter application lifecycles.” — 451 Research


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